Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bepang & Roti Paun

I have  fond memories of my college days, 20 years ago. My best friend is from Terengganu. Whenever she goes back to her kampung for the holidays and comes back when the new semester starts, she would always bring back goodies from Terengganu. There would always be the delicious keropok lekor and along with it  bepang and roti paun aswell. I'm sure most of you know keropok lekor well by now, but what is bepang and roti paun ?

Bepang - delightful, cripsy and yummy

Bepang is a local Terengganu rice cracker made out of glutinous rice, that is fried and dipped in coconut sugar (gula Melaka). I'm not too sure how they make these crackers but they are simply yummy. Crispy, yet soft and chewy. Sweet yet not overwhelming. Simply delightful. Great to have while you're reading books. This is one of my favourite Terengganu snacks, that whenever my friend Fanoriana Ismail goes back to Terengganu, I will always ask her to buy me some. Try it and you'll see what I mean.

Roti Paun - Soft buns to die for

Roti paun might look like your ordinary buns but it is super soft and delicious. Even after more than 8 long hours of bus ride my friend takes from Kuala Terengganu to Petaling Jaya, the buns will still remain soft when they arrive. The texture is simply superb and the taste....ummm you'll have to try it yourself. Now imagine you're having them fresh from a local bakery in Terengganu. Soft, fresh and hot and the aroma ahhh... simply irresistable.

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