Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bazaar Ramadhan

Its Ramadhan and one of the highlights of breaking fast is to visit the bazar ramadhan ( bazaar ramadhan) or pasar ramadhan  (ramadhan market). You can find them almost everywhere in  Malaysia. Every evening between 3pm -7.30pm for the month of ramadhan, small food stalls are set up to form a bazaar or food market selling all sorts of food and drinks.

Ayam golek - yummy barbeque chicken
Nekbat - the sweet temptation
All kinds of fried stuff dip in flour
local kuih and delicacies -must try
All types of drinks to quench you thrist
You can find almost any kind of  food here all at one place. If you are in Terengganu during the month of ramadhan  then don't forget to visit the pasar ramadhan.

There are stalls selling all kinds of rice, local cakes and cuisines such as ayam percik, nasi dagang, nasi ayam, ketupat sotong, keropok lekor, nekbat, satay, ikan bakar, ayam golek aswell as all types of drinks that looks so tempting especially to those who are fasting. And the best thing is you can get them them at reasonable prices too. Just look at all the delicious galore you can get at the bazar ramadhan. Makes you hungry already right.But be careful not to buy too much. You might end up too full to walk.

 And at night, you can join the terawih prayers at the mosques. For a change, try praying at the masjid Terapung or Masjid Kristal. The cool sea breeze at night and beautiful  night scenary will help make it a most memorable experiance

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