Friday, August 6, 2010

Traditional Boat Making in Pulau Duyong

At Pulau Duyong  by the mouth of Terengganu river, Hj Abdullah bin Muda carries on the tradition of making traditional boats. He started making boats in 1955 and learning the fine craftsmanship from the village elders. Traditional boats are made from wooden timber which are carefully crafted and carved to became excellent masterpieces.

Boat making requires highly skilled  craftmanship and technique to ensure that the vessal could stay afloat, would not leak and could function properly. High quality timber pieces are carefully selected, measured and crafted to make up the frames of the boat and carefully assembled together in the construction of a boat. Up till now, Haji Abdullah and his team has managed to build more than 65 boats. Some are fishing boats while others are sailing boats.

At present Hj Abdullah is working together with students from the Giat Mara Centre to construct a sailing boat in an effort to share his boatmaking knowledge with the younger generation.Watch this short video clip about Hj Abdullah bin Muda commitmment  in the traditional boat making industry in Pulau Duyong, Terengganu.

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