Thursday, August 5, 2010

Keropok Lekor Terengganu

Keropok lekor - so heavenly
If you haven't tried the keropok losong or keropok lekor of  Terengganu, then you really have not visited Terengganu yet. A trip to Terengganu is not complete without trying out this popular dish. So what on earth is Keropok Lekor.

Keropok lekor is a type of fish cracker made out of fish, sago flour, salt and water. Fish is deboned, minced up and mixed with the flour and other ingredients. It is  rolled about to form a long sausage. Then it is boiled for a few moments. Take it out and it is ready to be served. Best eaten while it still hot. Ummm.. yummy its hard to stop once you start eating. Have a look at this short video showing how the keropok lekor is made.

There are lots of  keropok lekor stalls scattered about all along the coastal roads in Terengganu. The famous places which makes delicious keropok lekor are in Kemaman, Losong and Seberang Takir. And what is so special about Keropok lekor Terengganu ?

Well just about everything, from the way it is made using lots of fresh fish to its delicious chilli dipping sauce which is not too sweet or sour, but just right. You can find keropok lekor in other states in Malaysia too, but it is not the same because the volume of fish used is very little as compared with the Terengganu keropok lekor, which uses lots of fresh fish.

So don't forget to try out the Terengganu Keropok lekor. You can try the fried version or the boiled version for those dieting, both are just delicious. It is cheap and handy too.  You can buy a handful and bring it along with you on a picnic by the sea. Until the next issue of  Terengganu travel guide, have a delicious keropok lekor meal, its delicious, its natural and cheap.

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