Saturday, August 7, 2010

World Gamelan Festival 2010

 The World Gamelan Festival 2010 was recently held in Terengganu on the 23-26th July 2010 at the Dataran Shahbandar, Kuala Terengganu. So what on earth is Gamelan you might ask.

Gamelan is a traditional Indonesian ensemble typically including many tuned percussion instruments such as the gambang, saron pekin, gendang and the gong.

Among the countries which took part in the World Gamelan Festival came from Japan, Europe and Indonesia. The festival was held in order to give the people an opportunity to learn more about traditional music.

The festival was one of the many events that the state of Terengganu had line up for the year 2010 to attract more tourist to the state. It proved to be an interesting and colorful event as many visitors as well as participants enjoyed themselves during this event. Take a look at the video clip below showcasing the Japan Gamelan group performing at the World Gamelan Festival 2010 .

Until the next issue of Terengganu travel guide, have a nice time and remember to tune in to more interesting travel tips and information about Terengganu, the land where nature embraces heritage.

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