Sunday, August 22, 2010

Songket Terengganu

Songket is a traditional  malay cloth made by weaving together cotton or silk interwoven with golden, silver or colored threads to make up beautiful geometric designs. The term "songket" in Malay means to embroider with gold or silver threads. Kain songket or the Songket cloth is usually made into samping or baju kurung. Both are traditional malay garments used in weddings or festive season.
Beautiful Terengganu Songket

There main types of Songket in Terengganu  are :

  • Songket Bunga Telur - this beautiful handmade Songket is usually used to make kebaya, kebarung or other ladies traditional dresses.

  • Songket Kain Samping - these creative  handmade and intricately designed men's wrap cloth are usually worn by Malay men during wedding, major festive season or in formal events.

  • Songket Tenun Sutera - these are songket made from 100% silk and are much demanded by ministers or VIPs for its beautiful and fine handmade craftsmanship.
The Terengganu Songket is well known in Malaysia for its high quality  cloth as they are handmade and use materials of high quality. So if you're planning to buy a souvenir for someone special a songket cloth makes a fine gift. 

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