Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Aryani - a cultural experiance

I remember the first time I went to the Aryani, a few years ago. We had departed early from home and reached Merang around 9 a.m. The entrance gate of Aryani was close to a Petronas station. After filling in some petrol, we had our breakfast in a nearby stall. 

We had nasi lemak, but it was the Terengganu version of  nasi lemak. Instead of the usual  sambal ikan bilis they have sambal ikan tongkol (tuna) in Terengganu. It was, delicious, I really enjoyed that nasi lemak. The fish was fresh and succulent, the sambal was divine. Until today, the Terengganu version of nasi lemak has remained one of my favorite.

After breakfast, we made our way to the Aryani. It was somewhat secluded. In order to get there, we had to follow a quiet path shrouded by bushes and trees. The Aryani is well hidden amidst the semi jungle, giving you the impression of  a very private and exclusive resort.

The design of the buildings were distinctly authentic Malay culture. It felt as if we were walking in old Malay palaces with its beautiful woodcarvings made out of high quality timber. As we climb the steps to the open air restaurant above, the sounds of live gamelan was heard. It truly is a delightful cultural experiance, as the gentle sounds of the gamelan filled the air. The view from the restaurant was simply amazing too, there was a swimming pool in the middle of the courtyard sorrounded by coconut trees. 

Amongst the unique features of the Aryani are the hundred year old mber "Heritage Suites' which has been dismantled and rebuilt on the resort site. The 'Heritage Suites" is part of the original timber Palaces Complex of Royal households from the previous century. It offers guest the unique experience of living in an ancient malay timber palace. 

All villa units have their private garden and gateway with an outdoor sunken bathtub in an intimate garden setting. The Heritage and Modern Suites feature both outdoor and indoor baths giving guests the choice of enjoying both luxuries.

 The water vessels made of clay called 'Tempayan" are found at the bottom of the steps with a water scoop (gayong) made of coconut shell with a wooden handle. This hygenic practice of washing the feet before entering houses is according to the Malay custom for hygenic reasons.

The beach was isolated and quiet with a breathtaking view of the emerald blue sea. The beach club is an amazing place to take amazing view of the sea. There is also clean bathroom and toilet here for the convenience of visitors who wish to use them.

Just off the beach of The Aryani are various islands of the National Marine Park offering crystal clear diving waters and rich coral communities. A short boat ride away is one of the finest Marine Parks of Peninsular Malaysia.

The Aryani truly offers a cultural experience. If you love to have a peace of mind and tranquility in beautiful sorroundings and rich cultural atmosphere, then come to the Aryani.

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