Monday, September 13, 2010

Singgang Ikan Terengganu

Its the 4th  day since Aidil fitri, yet the mood for Hari Raya is still felt. In fact in Malaysia, the raya mood may last up to one whole month with all the Raya open houses organised through out the whole month of Syawal. After a few days of eating rich raya food from nasi dagang, fish curry, ketupat, rendang, lemang, ayam masak merah and the works, one longs for some simple food.

What could be more refreshing and appetizing than the Singgang ikan Terengganu. Ahhh... the very mention of it already makes me hungry. So what are you waiting for lets cook some singang ikan. Its really easy to cook. Just watch this video below.

For those of you who didn't get the recipe, here it is :


4 pieces of Aya fish ( ikan tongkol) or a  mackeral (ikan kembong)

¼ inches of galagal

4 slices of  fresh tumeric (optional)

2 pieces of shallots (optional)

3 or 4  pieces of garlic

3 slices of  asam gelugor

2 pieces of fresh green cillies 

salt and sugar to taste

A bowl of  water

Method :

Boil all the ingredients together with the fish until cooked. Add in a pinch  of salt and sugar to taste.

Don't worry if you don't cook or don't have a kitchen as you can still taste the mouth watering taste of ikan singgang in most malay restaurants around Terengganu. Ikan singgang is best eaten with hot rice served with fresh vegetables (ulam) dipped with budu (special fish sauce). Ummm yummy care to join me.

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