Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Terengganu - the perfect holiday gateway

I am down with flu and a very bad headache now, but something urge me to pen down a few words about how beautiful  Terengganu is. Alhamdullillah (Praise be to God) that after having spent over 4 months on updating this tourism blog about Terengganu, I've come to realise how truly special and magical Terengganu is.

It's not just the beautiful beaches, the picturesque islands, the rustic fishing villages that makes Terengganu special. Terengganu has so much more to offer for everyone. Tasik Kenyir, Sekayu waterfalls and Tanjong Mentong provides nature lovers with a kaleidoscope of flora and fauna, wildlife and mother nature.

For those who love arts and craft there are Terengganu's traditional handicraft such as batik, woodcarving, songket, and brassware  that they can appreciate and learn more about. 

The mystic dance of Ulek Mayang, Gasing and Wau kites reflects an interesting culture and heritage of Terengganu that it has managed to preserve despite the modernisation of urban cities in Terengganu since petroleum was found off the shores of Kertih.

And what's important is that the Terengganu people are simple people who are friendly , straight forward and always welcoming to tourist. This plays an integral part in sustaining Terengganu as a perfect holiday getaway. As without its people how can Terengganu manage to sustain and preserve its natural environment to remain intact and uspoilt, aswell as preserve its interesting culture and heritage.

Terengganu truly is a vacationeers paradise. It has a unique blend of the good of mother nature and a beautiful culture and heritage that is lacking in other places. Terengganu has panoramic beaches, exotic and idyllic islands, lush  tropical forest, rustic fishing villages, dazzling waterfalls, interesting culture and heritage and deliciously  delightful cuisines to try out. The accommodation here too varies in terms of prices, providing something for everyone from 5 star resorts to budget chalets and homestays.

So what are you waiting for, come to Terengganu and experience it all

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