Thursday, September 2, 2010

LA Hot Spring

If waterfalls and beaches isn't exactly your cup of tea, then maybe the La Hot Spring is what you are looking for. Located in at Kampung La, at the foot of Gunung Tebu complex in Besut, the La Hot Springs waters contains natural sulphur said to have healing properties. As such, it is a famous destination especially to those who suffer from skin diseases and ailments.

La Hot Springs is the gateway to Gunung Tebu forest reserve where many adventure seekers go to explore rock tunnels, rivers and streams, go fishing, abseiling, caving and jungle trekking.

La Hot springs is a great place to rest and recuperate. The warm waters rich with natural sulphur provide natural therapy to skin ailments and muscle aches.

Within the forest reserve, there is a 20 metres high rock called Batu Bahtera (ship rock), there is a 15 metres secret passage which will take you to the other side. Some 20 minutes away, you'll come to Sungai Misteri, a river which mysteriously disappears into a lage hole near Sungai Ping.

Other attractions nearby is the Lata Beringin, a scenic waterfall , Batu Katak (Frog Rock), Gua Kelawar (Bat Cave) and Kolam Puteri (Princess Pond).

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