Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Terengganu Kampung Lifestyle

Refreshing Village life
One of the beauty of living in a village is that the time seems to slow down here. It's strange but true. I've been living in the city for most of my life and somehow, have always hated the idea of how time flies. Perhaps due to all the traffic jams and how busy people are, everyone seems to be in a rush. Creating  a feeling of  how time seems to move faster in cities. It can get so stressfull at times.

It's a bit different, when I go back to the village (kampung). Here the time seem to move slower, much much slower, that you get the time to smell the roses. To enjoy doing things that you never have time to do in the city. To breathe the fresh air, rejuvenate and reinvigorate your senses with the beauty of nature all around. To relax and  relief yourself from all the stressful things in the city.

And in Terengganu, you get the chance to feel all this, even for a few days. There are homestay packages that cater for such needs. Infact there are some  travel agents that conduct Terengganu Countryside tours. They'll take you to the local Terengganau  malay villages to witness the daily activities of kampung folks.

Watch how they weave the mengkuang and pandanus leaf, make dodol (sweet coconut  chewy candy) and gula nisan (coconut sugar). Learn how they weave the songket and make keris (traditional malay dagger). Visit the fishing village, charcoal making and wood carving factory. Enjoy the antiques of the monkey plucking coconut and while you're there, try out the  fresh coconut juice and keropok lekor. Ahhh......so refreshing. If you're in doubt how special this experience is just watch this video below.

Interested ? Click the highlighted link  below for details of the tour
 Terengganu Countryside Tour

Or if you prefer to stay in Homestays which offer kampung style life, click the link below for the list of homestays in Terengganu.
List of Terengganu Homestays

Stay tuned to the next issue of Terengganu Travel Guide for more useful tips and interesting places to visit in Terengganu.

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