Monday, September 13, 2010

Teluk Bidara Beach (Pantai Teluk Bidara)

So you love crystal clear waters, soft white powdery beaches, shady coconut trees like the ones you find on the island, but you hate the boat trip to the island that you makes you sea sick. No problem....then you can find it on Teluk Bidara Beach. Teluk Bidara beach is part of Terengganu's longest exotic beach in Malaysia (244km) of unpolluted, panoramic beach with a magnificent view of the South China Sea.

Located some 2 hours away from Paka,Kertih and Dungun, Teluk Bidara beach is a dream come true for those who love peaceful beaches with crystal clear waters. You can swim all you want here as the waters are  clean and refreshing.

For the more adventurous, there is a cave below the end of a hill near the shore, where you can go in to the cave and come out to the other side. Climb the rocks to get a better view of the azure blue sea, you could also sea the outline of Pulau Tenggol and Nyireh in a distance. There is also a small children playground for the children to play if you're thinking of bringing your family for a picnic here.

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