Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fireflies Sanctuary - Sg. Yak Yak, Kemaman

I've been to Kemaman a few times, but I did'nt know that there is a Fireflies Sactuary here until recently, due to the lack of publicity  about this place. Perhaps more promotion  should be made about this magical place which comes alive at night, so that more will learn to appreciate the beauty of nature that lies in Kemaman.

Located in Sg. Yak Yak,Kg. Ibok, Kemaman (not far from the Kemaman Mini Zoo, about 11 km from the Cukai town ) the Fireflies Sanctuary of Sg. Yak Yak happens to be the biggest Firefly Sactuary in Malaysia.
The abundance of Berembang and Putat trees growing  all around this area serve as a home and natural habitat for the fireflies. The fireflies feed on the Beremban leaves.

magical experience - Sg Yak Yah firefly sanctuary
When it is dark (8 o'clock and upwards), you can see the flickering lights of the fireflies as they hover over the trees by the side of the river, creating sort of a Chrismas tree look with neon light all around. It feels almost magical here, as if you've just stepped into the fairy land.

nature's wonder - the firefly
 The best time to come here to watch the fireflies is when it is pitch dark at night, between the months of July to September which is the mating season for the fireflies. During the mating season, the male fireflies emit glowing light in their abdomen  to attract the females. The females would response in the same manner creating more flickering lights all around.

Interested ? Then come to Sg Yak Yah for a magical experience. For enquiries or to hire a boat for this trip you can call Che Ghani or his friend En.Zainal Ibrahim who runs firefly tours along the Sg.Yak Yah. They can be contacted at 019-9336458 or 0134-9365681. They charge about RM20 per person for the firefly tour.
Prawn (udang galah) fishing anyone ?

In case you wish to stay the night, then try the Chalet Kg. Ibok that charges RM60.00 per night. In the daytime, you can try your hand at prawn fishing along  the Yak yah river or visit the quill farm in Kg. Ibok.

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