Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pulut Lepa

Mouth watering  Pulut Lepa

Its almost the end of Ramadhan, which means the days of bazaar ramadhan will be ending soon for this year. But until that happens there is still time to look for Pulut Lepa at the bazaar ramadhan. So what is Pulut Lepa ?

Pulut Lepa is a popular traditional teatime snack in Terengganu. It is made out  Glutinous rice (pulut) and has fish serunding (fish meat) filling which are neatly shaped into long cylindrical shapes and wrapped up in banana leaves. It is then grilled over charcoal stove till cooked. The result looks like the picture above. In other states in Malaysia, it is called pulut panggang, however the filling is made out of spicy coconut and dried prawns instead of fish serunding.

In Terengganu, there is a place in Kuala Ibai's bazaar ramadhan which sells delicious Pulut Lepa. En. Mohd Taib Mohd.and his 2 children sells about 1,000 pieces of  pulut  lepa everyday at Kuala  Ibai's bazaar ramadhan. Priced at 40 cents each, his delicious pulut lepa are authentic recipe of the family which combines fresh fish filling with the rich taste of glutinous rice cooked over fire. No wonder they sold out like hot cakes.

So if you're hungry head over to the bazaar ramadhan for some mouth watering hot pulut lepa. It's simpy irrisistable.

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