Sunday, September 12, 2010


Rodat is another one of Terengganu's traditional folkdance. Believed to be originated from the Arabia and brought here via Indonesia.  Rodat is a traditional islamic performance that comprises of syair (poetic song) accompanied by rebana drums that are sung together in a group and the rodat dance itself.

Rodat get its name from Hadrat Baghdad which means (songs in praise of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad saw.). The message in rodat songs is full of advice and customs to educate and improve the community morally,spritually and socially.

Rodat is usually performed in cultural shows, festivals, wedding and circumcision ceremonies aswell as the celebration of the ruler's birthday. The dance movements comprises of standing, squatting and sitting kneeling movements  performed by 12 male dancers (pelenggok) and between 4 to 6 female dancers (mak inang) who all dance to the tune of 8 drummers (pengadi). Take a peek at how this dance is performed in the video below.

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