Sunday, September 26, 2010

Terengganu Wood Carving

The Terengganu woodcarvers are well known and reputed in creating beautiful works of art made out of high quality hardwood. Many of the woodcarvings are found in houses, old palaces, beams, doorways, window shutters, traditional boats, bed frames, and  pieces of furniture. As carving human figures is totally prohibited in Islam, the Terengganu woodcarving is inspired from flora and fauna, Islamic art and  animal motifs.
Beautiful lattice masterpiece
Intricate floral designs 

Not a single nail used to make - Rumah bujang berserambi selasar

Desa Ukiran Kayu
Realising the importance to preserve this heritage, Terengganu has set up the Desa Ukiran Kayu at Tengku LongPalace, Besut. Desa Ukiran Kayu is a vocational institution offering studies and education in woodcarving, entreprenuership and carpentry. The objective of its formation is to generate professional woodcarvers who not only produces beautiful masterpieces but also will be able to present woodcraft as succesful business aswell.
Rumah Potong Belanda

The Construction of Desa Ukiran Kayu is a manifestation of  Besut as the Woodcarving District of Terengganu and as a tribute to the famous woodcarvers from Besut such as Che Long bin Yusof, Tengku Ibrahim bin Tengku Wook (Tokoh Seni Negara 1997), Abdul Rahman Long, Wan Mustaffa Wan Yusof (Tokoh Seni Negeri Terengganu 2003) and Norhaiza bin Nordin.

Desa Ukiran Kayu is constructed on the palace grounds of Tengku Long. The palace and the traditional houses  built here are decorated with wonderful woodcarvings. The good teamwork of  professional woodcarvers and carpenters has produced beautifully designed traditional houses  that has adequate lighting and good circulation of air to ensure the comfort for its occupants.

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