Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kemasik Beach (Pantai Kemasik)

Pantai Kemasik is another beach in Terengganu which is popular for its scenic and picturesque view. Situated about 10 km north of Kijal town, Kemasik Beach has huge rocky boulders on the beach which sets it apart from all the other beaches in Terengganu. 

If you happen to be driving along the coastal road of Terengganu , don't forget to drop by Kemasik Beach just a few kilometres north of Kijal. It's a quiet beach which is a popular transit for weary drivers and tourist to stop, rest and enjoy the beautiful panoramic view. You can go for picnic or climb the large rocks to enjoy a better view of  the sea, beach and rustic fishing village nearby. Sometimes there might even be a few cows grazing nearby.

It's a great place to bring children as there is a mini park and playground there. There are also small food stalls serving local delicacies for those who are hungry and tired from long journeys.

Stay tune to the next issue of Terengganu travels for more interesting facts on Terengganu. Until then, have a great weeekend.

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