Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chendering Beach (Pantai Chendering)

Located  about 6 km away from  Kuala Terengganu, Pantai Chendering is yet another famous beach in Terengganu with a great view. It has a long jetty which makes it an excellent place for fishing enthusiasts.

The Malaysian Handicraft Center is also in Chendering. Here visitors get a chance to witness the skills of local artisans in songket weaving, batik printing and  mengkuang basket weaving. There are plenty of handicraft items such as songket, batik, bags, mats, vase, wallets and hats made of pandanus leaves sold here. The famous Noor Arfa Batik and Permint Sutera Semai is also in Chendering for those who are interested to buy exquisite batik products such as batik silk cloths, sarong, kaftan or batik silk shirts.

Apart from that, there are many keropok lekor stalls by the coastal roads to Chendering. One of the popular stalls which sells delicious keropok lekor here is the 007 brand. The famous Mak Ngah Nasi Dagang which sells delightful nasi dagang is in Chendering too.

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